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Tim Walters

Probably one of the greatest feats a musician can accomplish is to overpower their listener and take them inside the world they have created, making them experience their music in more ways that just aurally… [Walters] has succeeded at it quite brilliantly.… —Parabrisas

This is digitally conceived Neo-Pagan vomit. And I've never tasted vomit this good.… Intercept this screaming beam of Post-New Age steam. And fill yer void. OK? —Sonar Map

“Ever wonder what it sounds like inside that trash can icon on your desktop? Tim Walters knows.” —Keyboard

An exploration of feedback in error-prone systems.
Featuring the singing of Emily Bezar.
The other lost continent.
A non-CD track. Sources: wind chimes, choir, piano.
One of three tracks from The Dry Well based on The Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian legend that may be the oldest surviving work of literature. They evoke ritual, mythic journey, and the transition from the material to the spiritual realm. Kee Kille chants and sings.
An excerpt from the CD's title track. All sounds generated from recordings of a kalimba build by Molly Clark, age 8.