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Welcome to the Doubtful Palace. Our mission is to bring you cool stuff, to wit:


Country music is three chords and the truth. Doubtful Palace music is five tons of fill dirt and a bucket of squid.


Latest And Greatest

Reconnaissance Fly  

Reconnaissance Fly previews their upcoming Flower Futures album with a three-spong taster called Flower Futures Futures. And yes, that's "spong"--these are settings of spam poetry, in their charmingly incoherent art-pop style.

Mystery Fix  

Mystery Fix gets more intimate than usual on their new two-track release Beloved. It's a big, cold universe out there, so come a little closer to the fire.


Shalmaneser's second CD, Ticker, is now available for download in its entirety. This kaleidescopic, constantly evolving electronica is the product of years of Artificial Stupidity research, which may yet turn our friendly supercomputer into a real live boy.


For the last twelve years, we've been perpetrating Christmas music. We've now collected it one place, for easy disposal. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Let Nothing You Dismay.

Emerald Adrift  

The Doubtful Palace is pleased to welcome the complex and fascinating music of Emerald Adrift. Four tracks are available for your listening pleasure.